Relentless Method has two branches. Fitness and Performance.

Allround is in the Fitness section and is programmed by Viktor Långsved who is a guest writer here today.

The Allround program vision
The vision with the Allround program is to improve your fitness, and to have great fun while doing so. We are not using progressions, % cycles and stuff like that. Variance is one of the main things. I believe if your training are varied and fun, your fire will last much longer.

Next block
In the next block starting in just a few days we will focus on running. Both monostructural (intervals/longer distances) but also in conditioning pieces/CrossFit® workouts. Running is a great tool to build aerobic capacity, and if you improve that, lots of other things will improve as well. Personally, I started running much more in 2018, and when my aerobic capacity improved, my recovery got much better. This is a conditioning sport, and to have a great aerobic capacity is 99% of the time worth much more than pure strength.

Besides being a great aerobic developer, running is also (by most, at least by me) considered a nice “break” from “real” training. I really enjoy running outside in the woods for example. It’s pretty far away from the gym where you spend most of the time.

If you want to improve your running and continue becoming awesome at CrossFit® join me next week at May 13th when a new block starts!

Use the code gf_trial or this link directly to get a free week of the Allround program

Stay relentless!

//Viktor Långsved