So the Open is over and another season starts. The weird thing is that the next Open is already in October disturbing us programmers a lot.

Anyway now it is time to start developing your abilities again.

Throughout the years I have been thinking that there needed to be a support system for the development of the CrossFit athlete besides the underlying physical profile and the tests run to support it. That’s why I created the Fitness Level system. In my opinion it should be crystal clear for the athlete what strength’s and weaknesses that needs to be developed. So I started to put ID athletes through the system to get a picture of both the validity and how it would play out and it indeed played out well!

Since then we have developed the system so much that it by itself is a product but that is besides the point. The new programming will rely heavily on developing you as an athlete according to this system and you will reap the benefits from both good programming and a great system to visualise your progress and to keep you motivated over time. The programming will of course not be limited to the tests in the system.

The first block for the season starting on 1st of April (transition week starts 26th of March) will primarily be focusing on

  • Leg strength
  • Upper body pulling
  • Aerobic capacity
  • Weightlifting


  • Bending (Deadlift, power clean)
  • Upper body push (Handstand pushups, Ring dips etc)
  • Gymnastic skill development

So to make things clearer you will develop the strength and skill to better perform Open 19.2, Open 19.4 and 19.5 this first block.

Transition week aka “taste of the new program” starts Tuesday 26th of March.

The programming is as always found at and you can try the programming for a week from the frontpage.

If you have a hard time choosing a program we have created guidance for that. You find it in the top of the page. Just click on “See recommendation” and a table appears. If that is not enough then visit the profiler.

Looking forward in seeing you smash some PRs!