GorillaFitness was coined already in 2012 if I do not recall incorrectly. Rikard Lanner and I was working out down at CrossFit Solid and he said “Marcus this is some serious GorillaFitness programming” and a brand was born. The following days a tshirt and logo was created. STFU HTFU. The following year the business took off.

We have come a far way since that time and the brand has evolved into something completely different. There was a time when HTFU meant the whole world. These days we know that HTFU will only take you so far. You need to train smart, you need to train for a complete physical profile from technique in swimming to specific positioning drills in weightlifting to advanced gymnastic exercises.

One of my biggest core values since I was a child is that if you work hard and if you stay relentless success will come to you. Anyone that refuses to give up and fights hard every session have my biggest respect and I think most trainers out there feels the same. Regardless of talent we love someone that works hard no matter where they sit in their physical capabilities, age etc. I’ve been searching for a term that precisely marks my core value in a single word. A word that captures the meaning of Fighting Spirit.

RELENTLESS – A perfect term for my core values and a perfect brand name. Combining the notion of being relentless with talent will bring you world class and a champion can be born

The Gorilla logo is by now well known and I love it for many reasons. Lets combine the old with the new!

I bring to you the reborn brand of RELENTLESS METHOD

At the same time that the brand takes a move Jim and Ulrik leaves the team. The programming will now take a turn. We will focus in each block to improve your Fitness Level according to the current 32 levels in the master plan. Each block will have focus areas and it will be much more compact than before. Your time is something we value and we know that it is in scarcity. Therefore the programming will be heavily geared towards supersetting known patterns such as Squat/Pull, Bending/Pressing etc. We will still make you work towards advanced gymnastics such as the Planche and press to handstand but we will make it even more efficient.

The official program launch is Monday 1st of April, right after the Open. However we will switch to the new programming style already at Feb 18th to suit the Open and the transitioning phase. If you want to follow a great program during the Open, this is it regardless if you are competing in the Open or want to train. We will create two paths for you.


Checkout our quick physical profiler that will get you a fitness level result. When you have a number it is easier for you to take action.

Performance path

Level 1-8: Emerge

Level 6-14: Bloom

Level 12-21: Advanced

Level 22 and up: Competitor

Fitness path

Level 1-8: Rise 1.0

Level 9 and above: Allround

Allround is best suited for athletes that can do muscle-ups. You should have 5 strict pull-ups prior starting the program. Start your journey with Rise to get a great foundation. Follow up with Emerge to get the fundamentals of weightlifting and gymnastics. When you are done with Emerge you are ready for Bloom or Allround. Do not skip the basics, it will reward you in the end to start in the right end.

See you at relentlessmethod.com